What If?

I am so fired up to be the feature in What If? Magazine’s November issue! Here are some of the details:

Who: What If? Media is an organization with the the mission to bring news, information, and entertainment to our world-wide community by broadening the general understanding of holistic concepts, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, introducing thought-provoking concepts, and promoting holistic practitioners and their services to the community at large.

What: What If? Magazine is a project of The Council of Families for Children, a non-profit advocacy, education, and support organization. The magazine has a readership of more than 30,000, is a monthly periodical begun last May, and features a local artist each month.What If? Media aims to promote thought, increase awareness, inspire and motivate, educate and inform on both physical and mental health.

Where: The magazine can be found online on their website or you can click the link What If? Magazine. If you feel like your work fits their magazine and are interested in submitting you can submit your poetry to whatifmedia.org@gmail.com.

This month’s issue features both new and old poems from my work. Furthermore, I am pleased to announce that I will now be serving as a monthly contributor to What If? Magazine’s poetry corner. Be sure to check it out!

A Tribute to Helios .png

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